Lepšia Konferencia

Nowera™ creative studio is excited to have partnered with Lepšia Konferencia, a leading conference organizer in Slovakia. Our team had the pleasure of working with Lepšia Konferencia to develop a comprehensive graphic design strategy for their conference.
As part of this project, we designed a cohesive visual identity for the conference that was used across all print and digital materials. We created a logo, color scheme, and typography that captured the essence of the conference and helped build recognition and excitement among attendees.
We also designed and produced all of the print graphics for the conference, including brochures, posters, signage, and other collateral. Our team ensured that each piece was consistent with the visual identity we had established and conveyed key information in a clear and compelling way.
To enhance the conference's online presence and create buzz on social media, we developed a comprehensive social media communication graphic strategy that included creating graphics for posts, stories, and other digital content. Our team also worked closely with Lepšia Konferencia's social media team to create engaging content and build excitement among potential attendees.
Overall, our collaboration with Lepšia Konferencia was a success, and we are proud to have played a role in helping them establish a strong visual identity and connect with attendees through compelling graphic design.

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