Astra Nova

Nowera™ creative studio was honored to work with Astra Nova, a funeral service provider, on a comprehensive branding and digital marketing project. Our team was tasked with developing a new visual identity, website, and marketing strategy that would help Astra Nova connect with their clients in a compassionate and professional manner.
To achieve this, we began by developing a new visual identity that reflected Astra Nova's values of compassion, dignity, and respect. We created a simple and elegant logo, color palette, and typography that would be used consistently across all of their digital and print materials.
We then worked closely with the Astra Nova team to develop a new website that was both user-friendly and informative. We focused on creating a clean and organized layout that would help visitors quickly find the information they needed, while also highlighting the unique services that Astra Nova offers. Our team also worked on developing engaging copy and high-quality imagery that would help visitors feel comfortable and confident when working with Astra Nova.
To support the launch of the new website, we developed a comprehensive marketing and social media strategy that focused on building brand awareness and trust within the community. This included targeted ad campaigns, content marketing, and social media management. Our team also provided photo and video production services to help showcase Astra Nova's services in a respectful and empathetic manner.

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