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Your privacy is very important to Nowera Digital Agency. We have developed this privacy policy to provide you with information about how we process your personal data when you interact with us.

"Personal data" is information relating to a natural person whose identity is known or can be ascertained.
Categories of personal data processed by Nowera Digital Agency about clients:

Nowera processes your email address, phone number, first name, last name, address also for the purpose of delivering important information regarding the services/products you have ordered, supporting communication in the pre-contractual phase and after the conclusion of the contract.
The legal basis for processing your email address and telephone number for these purposes is the legitimate interest of Nowera Digital Agency in providing you with important information about the services/products you have ordered.

Nowera Digital Agency also processes your email address for the purpose of associating it with your order when you communicate with our customer support representatives. The legal basis for such processing is our legitimate interest in providing you with quality customer support.
When you communicate with our customer support representatives by email, telephone, online or in person, we collect personal data such as your name, surname, address, telephone number, email address. We may also create event logs, which are useful in diagnosing problems related to your use of our portal, and to record information about a support or service-related issue. We may also, within the limits of applicable laws, record and review conversations with customer support representatives and analyze feedback provided to us by users through voluntary customer opinion surveys in order to improve customer service.
We use this information for the purposes of providing customer and product support and to monitor the quality and types of customer and product support we provide to our customers. The legal basis for processing such information for these purposes is Digital Nowera's legitimate interest in providing you with quality customer support.
If you order a service/product via the website, your first name, last name, gender, date of birth, email address, postal address and telephone number, for some services also nationality, travel document number, expiry date, country of issue. If you pay by transfer from a payment account, we process the name and surname of the account holder and the number of this account. If you pay by direct deposit into our account, we process the name and surname of the person who made the deposit into the account. The recipients of this data are the banks through whose systems the payment is made. We process your first name, surname, gender, date of birth, email address, postal address and telephone number, for some services also nationality, travel document number, expiry date, country of issue and your payment card details in order to process your order. The legal basis for processing this data is the performance of a contract or the performance of pre-contractual measures based on your request. We also process your personal data as part of our fraud detection processes. The legal basis for processing your personal data for this purpose is our legitimate interest in protecting Nowera Digital Agency and our customers from fraudulent transaction attempts.
If you are interested in working for Nowera Digital Agency, either on your own initiative or following a vacancy advertised for one of the vacancies, Nowera Digital Agency processes your personal data, which includes e.g. Your curriculum vitae, including academic degree, first name, surname, gender, date of birth, telephone contact, e-mail address, home address, photograph, data on your educational attainment, data on your career and work experience (identification of current and previous employer, professional focus, awards, major work achievements, language skills and professional knowledge), hobbies as an optional voluntary data. The truthfulness and completeness of the information you provide can be verified by Nowera Digital Agency.
The purpose of the processing of this personal data is the selection of future employees of Nowera Digital Agency. The legal basis is Nowera's legitimate interest in selecting the most suitable candidates for the positions and your expression of your willingness to apply for a job at Nowera. As things don't always work out first time, Nowera Digital Agency will retain your personal data for 3 years so that we can contact you with a job offer if a vacancy arises or a new job suitable for you is created. If you have been successful in the selection procedure and have agreed with Nowera Digital Agency to work with us either in a permanent employment relationship or in one of the types of agreements according to the Labour Code, we will process your other personal data in addition to the above personal data on the basis of employment law, health insurance and social security regulations, tax regulations, etc.
Such personal data may include, in particular, your birth number, ID card number, the health insurance company with which you are insured, your family relationship, whether you have children and their number (when applying for a tax bonus), whether you are a holder of a disabled person's card. If you are to be employed by us, we are required by applicable law to require you to undergo an initial medical examination, the result of which will be an indication of whether you are medically fit to work for us. We will also arrange for you to have an occupational health service examination on a regular basis and will process the statutory details of the results of this examination, which will be issued to you by the relevant doctor. The legal basis in this case is the relevant effective legislation concerning the health and fitness of employees to perform the relevant work and the occupational health service.
In order to provide the services/products you have ordered, we may need to transfer your personal data to other companies in other countries. If you are a client, depending on the services you have ordered, we will primarily provide your personal data to the suppliers with whom you or we have entered into a contract in the performance of the services you have ordered.If you are an employee, your personal data will be provided to the health insurance company, the social insurance company, the financial administration authorities and other relevant governmental authorities in accordance with the current effective legislation.
We may disclose your personal information to others:
(a) if we have your valid consent to do so;
(b) in compliance with applicable law, such as a valid subpoena, court order, legal process or other legal obligation;
(c) in the enforcement of our terms and conditions or policies; or
(d) as necessary to pursue available legal remedies or defend legal claims. In addition, we may transfer your personal information to a related entity, subsidiary, or third party in the event of any reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, or transfer of all or part of the business, assets, or ownership interest of Nowera Digital Agency, or other disposition thereof, including (without limitation) in connection with a bankruptcy or similar proceeding, provided that the entity to which we transfer your personal information is not permitted to process your personal information other than in the manner described in this Privacy Policy. We will be able to do this without notifying you and, where required by applicable law, without obtaining your consent.
Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on your browser or mobile device as you browse a website. Pixels are small images or "bits of code" found on a website or in an email that collect information about your browser or mobile device, and some may also store cookies. If you revisit our website, we remember the information you have entered over a period of time thanks to cookies. In addition, the site "recognizes" you and offers you the information you prefer, ensures that you do not repeat an advertisement already displayed or allows you to enter or offers you to complete the data filled in during previous visits to the web environment and, in connection with this information, displays relevant content and offers estimated activities and services that we assume you could take advantage of. Cookies have different "shelf-life" periods and are divided into: session cookie - deleted when the browser is closed permanent cookies - remain stored on your device after you have finished browsing our website We use cookies to analyse website traffic through a number of the services listed below. These are analytical tools that help us understand your behaviour on our website and therefore tailor more relevant content to you. Cookies can be used for statistical data about website usage without personally identifying individual visitors
Operational cookies - These cookies are used to record and analyse visitor behaviour on the website and subsequently to improve its functionality and appearance. If you disable these cookies, we cannot guarantee the full functionality of our site. Google Analytics - is an analytics tool for tracking user behaviour on the site. The customer is only evaluated in Google Analytics on the basis of cookies and the digital agency Nowera does not send any personal data of users. For more information on privacy, please visit their website. Marketing cookies - Used to optimize the content and advertising displayed in relation to visitor habits and the effectiveness of the advertisers' marketing communications. For example, they will prevent you from being shown unnecessarily frequent advertisements from an area you are not interested in. Google: Google Analytics, Tag Manager is used to track statistics about the location and demographic categories of users, their interests and behaviour on websites, and information about the devices they use to connect to the website. We also use the Google Search Console tool to help us understand how visitors find our website and improve our search engine optimization. Learn more about how this analytics data may be used, how you can regulate its use, and how you can withdraw your consent to the use of your data. Facebook Connect - Facebook Connect allows your Facebook account to interact with other websites. For more information on privacy, please visit their website.
If we have your consent to process your personal data for marketing purposes, we link this to information about your activities on the website. The purpose of this linking is to better recognize your preferences and interests and, on this basis, to better tailor offers directly to you and to personalize web content. You can object to such processing at any time or, if the automated decision would affect your rights and freedoms, you can request an individual decision on our part. The method of withdrawing consent is described below, in the Contact details section.
We store the information we associate with cookie data according to the consent you have given us or the duration of the contractual relationship between us and you. We will retain the combined data from cookies and our systems for as long as necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, but for no longer than 13 months.
We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time as we add new services and products, improve our current offerings, and as technology and laws change. The date of the last revision to this Privacy Policy can be found under the "Updated" heading at the top of this page. Any changes will become effective when the revised Privacy Policy is posted.
We will retain your personal data for as long as your consent is given, we have a legitimate interest in retaining it, or until we are required to do so by applicable law. After the specified retention period has expired, your personal data will be destroyed. The section "Your rights" below describes your right to erasure.
According to the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to request access to your personal data from Nowera Digital Agency, and to further exercise your following rights: to find out whether Nowera Digital Agency processes your personal data and, if so, what personal data it is and the reason for processing it the right to rectification of personal data - this gives you the opportunity to correct any incomplete or inaccurate information we hold about you the right to erasure of personal data - this allows you to ask us to delete your personal data if there is no reason for us to continue to process it the right to data portability - you have the ability to transfer your personal data in electronic and structured form from Nowera Digital Agency to another entity the right to restrict the processing of your personal data - you can ask us to suspend the processing of your personal data for a period of time, for example, if you want us to demonstrate its accuracy or the reason for processing it the right to object to the processing of your personal data - you have the right to object where personal data is processed on the grounds that the processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests of the controller or a third party, where those interests are overridden by the interests or rights of the data subject requiring the protection of personal data, in particular where the data subject is a child. Furthermore, you may also object if personal data are processed for the purpose of direct marketing, including objecting to the fact that you are subject to a decision based solely on automated processing of personal data, including profiling the right to withdraw consent - where we process your personal data on the basis of your consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority - the supervisory authority for data protection is the Data Protection Authority, which you can contact if you believe that your personal data is not being processed in accordance with the applicable legislation.

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